USAG meeting - Theme: New TPM team creation and training.

28-R-006 (CERN)



User Support Advisory Group (USAG) meeting This group is, in EGEE III, the successor of the EGEE II Executive Support Committe (ESC).

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Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English, Main)
Access codes: 0121124 (Leader)
0131097 (Participant)
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  1. Agenda approval
  2. Comments on minutes from the January 29th USAG meeting [here]
  3. Continuous user support assessment as required by MSA-1.6 via the weekly escalation reports
  4. Can we have formal OLAs for other Support Units (SUs) than TPMs, ROCs, Sites? [SU list viewable by GGUS supporters.]
  5. CMS request: Pre-fill some fields on the GGUS ticket submission form. [Details in savannah #107215.]
  6. Discussion on new TPM team creation and training, FAQ and mailing list set-up (NB! All CERN-based mailing lists are currently under-going a not-so-smooth migration to e-groups.)
  7. Any misrouted tickets to european sites following the implementation of Direct Routing to All Sites on Jan 21st 2009?. USA Tier1s will be handled in a dedicated meeting on March 12th. Report at the next USAG. [Any info missing from this FAQ?]
  8. Review Action List [go to the end of these notes. There is only one action item.].
  9. A.O.B.
    It's show time folks! End of February: VOs to perform an ALARM ticket test (full round from opening to ticket closing) to Tier1s. [savannah ticket #105104] and [testing rules]
  10. Next meeting date: Thu 2 Apr 2009 @ 9:30 CET NB! Algorithm "violation"!
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