28-R-006 (CERN)



As of 21st January 2009 GGUS allows site notification for all tickets.
The TPMs are bypassed, the site contact mailing list is notified, IF the site is selected by the ticket submitter and
IN ADDITION the ticket is assigned to the relevant ROC.

For USA sites this, today, in terms of GGUS Support Units (SUs) may be ROC_CERN or OSG.
In terms of site names and contact mailing lists, EGEE Sites are taken automatically from GOCdb.
Some USA sites appear in GOCdb and OIM (the two GGUS information sources for Site names and addresses). In this meeting, we clarify routing cases like GGUS ticket #45718.

Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English, Main)
Access codes: 0115724 (Leader)
0125697 (Participant)
Leader site:
Participant site:

A telephone discussion with OSG management, GGUS experts, (US)ATLAS and (US)CMS, representatives to clarify the new GGUS workflow.

  1. Please observe the section "Sites / Services round table:" in the wLCG daily Operations meeting notes.
    Discussion of the necessary steps in all tools for the migration of sites from EGEE GOCDB to OSG OIM.
  2. Specifically for GGUS, the BDII idea was discussed before in savannah #105819 and savannah #105911. Lets now have the latest information on this issue to avoid surprising wrong ticket routing simply due to lack of communication.
  3. As we stand today, following our Dec 4th 2008 meeting this is the OIM extract offered by Arvind that Guenter uses: for USATLAS and USCMS. We need to clarify: what is a mailing list, what is a ticketing system within OSG, in which cases the OSGGOC is involved. Background information in Savannah #106927
  4. ALARM email addresses today are taken from the Operations' ALARMS' twiki for Tier1s. We need confirmation that the addresses are correct.
  5. The FAQ of the GGUS SU for OSG is here but old and maybe no more valid. Here is the file source. Please review it and send it to Guenter
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