WLCG Operations Coordination - Theme: FTS + Advance Warning of long site downtimes

31/S-023 (CERN)



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Maria Dimou (CERN)

WLCG Operations coordination twiki

    • 3:30 PM 3:35 PM
      Operations News 5m
    • 3:40 PM 4:10 PM
      Roundtable reports 30m
      • Middleware report
      • T0 report
      • ALICE report
      • ATLAS report
      • CMS report
      • LHCb report
      • Task Forces and Working Groups
        • Accounting
        • IS Evolution
        • IPv6 Validation and Deployment
        • MJF
        • MW Readiness
        • Network and Transfer Metrics
        • RFC proxies
        • Squid Monitoring and HTTP Proxy Discovery
    • 4:10 PM 5:10 PM
      Special topic: FTS 1h
      Speaker: Maria Arsuaga Rios (CERN)
    • 5:10 PM 5:30 PM
      Special topic: Advanced warning of long site downtimes 20m
      Speakers: Andrej Filipcic (Jozef Stefan Institute (SI)), David Cameron (University of Oslo (NO)), Nurcan Ozturk (University of Texas at Arlington (US))