19th Middleware Readiness Working Group meeting

31/S-023 (CERN)



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Maria Dimou (CERN)

Permanent material:


    • 4:00 PM 4:02 PM
      Minutes of last (18th) meeting. 2m

      This meeting took place on July 6th 2016.

    • 4:02 PM 4:12 PM
      Product verification status report 10m
      Speaker: Andrea Manzi (CERN)
    • 4:12 PM 4:22 PM
      EL7 - What the experiments reported on Sept 1st and updates 10m

      Check the material from the dedicated theme of the Sept 1st WLCG Ops Coordination reports.

      Speaker: Andrea Manzi (CERN)
    • 4:22 PM 4:32 PM
      The Volunteer Sites's experience 10m

      Comments from:
      a. Napoli
      b. CNAF
      c. Triumf
      d. PIC
      e. Edinburgh
      f. Grif
      g. Brunel
      h. LAPP Annecy
      i. CERN

    • 4:32 PM 4:42 PM
      Special topic: Major upcoming MW product releases? Meeting frequency? WG Mandate review? 10m

      This topic was postponed at the last meeting due to lack of participants (we were 8 people).

      Speaker: Maria Dimou (CERN)
    • 4:42 PM 4:52 PM
      Report from recent ARGUS Collaboration meeting(s) - September 2nd and high activity in the argus-future-discuss mailing list 10m

      The recent ARGUS Collaboration meetings are listed here. Agendas and minutes are reachable from there.

      Speaker: Maarten Litmaath (CERN)
    • 4:52 PM 4:57 PM
      Actions from last meeting (list in the above minutes) 5m
    • 4:57 PM 5:00 PM
      Next meeting 3m

      Proposal for a meeting mid-January. E.g. Wednesday January 11th. Please DO comment in the e-group wlcg-ops-coord-wg-middleware at cern dot ch

    • 5:00 PM 5:05 PM
      A.O.B. 5m