Conceptual Design Review LHC Phase II Collimation

AT Auditorium (CERN)

AT Auditorium


Ralph Assmann (CERN)
The initial installation of LHC collimation (phase I) is predicted to provide insufficient cleaning efficiency for nominal LHC beam intensity. A conceptual solution for upgraded LHC collimation (suited for nominal and ultimate beam intensities) is presented and reviewed. This is part of the new initiative work on Phase II of LHC collimation (LCI-COL). Review committee: P. Collier (CERN), M. Ferro-Luzzi (CERN), N. Phinney (SLAC), M. Seidel (Chair, PSI), P. Spiller (GSI), R. van Weelderen (CERN), F. Willeke (BNL) See also:
Report of the Review Committee (23.4.2009)