Cosmology vs Colliders

Nanjing University

Nanjing University

Department of Physics, Nanjing University, 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing, China 210093
Edna Cheung (Nanjing University), Marco Drewes (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE)), Zuowei Liu (Nanjing University)

Many properties of the cosmos we observe today are the result of interactions between elementary particles in the primordial plasma that filled the early universe. Hence, particle physics can provide a clue to understand the origin and fate of the universe we live in. On the other hand, the early universe provides a "laboratory" that allows to test particle physics theories at energies far beyond that of present of planned particle physics experiment. During this informal workshop we want to discuss ideas to further exploit this mutual benefit theoretically and experimentally.

With China being strongly involved at all frontiers of particle physics and cosmology, and various experiments and observational facilities coming up in the next few years, we want to use the opportunity to bring together theorists and experimentalists in an informal atmosphere, with emphasis on inspiring discussions.

The workshop takes place in Nanjing, one of China's old capitals. Apart from physics, Nanjing has a rich history and other touristic attractions to offer ad is a good starting point to discover Eastern China.

There is no registration fee. Based on the current funding situation, we can provide dinner on May 25. Participants are expected to cover all other expenses (including accommodation) with their own funds. If you need help with finding accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact one of the organisers.

The meeting takes place in the week after the fifth Annual Large Hadron Collider Physics meeting in nearby Shanghai ( Visitors from outside the region may use the opportunity to combine the participation in both meetings in a single trip.




Cosmology vs Colliders workshop
  • Andrea Addazi
  • Antonino Marciano
  • changhong li
  • Chengliang Wei
  • Chunshan Lin
  • Jiang Chang
  • Jianhua Guo
  • ligong Bian
  • Marco Drewes
  • Meng Su
  • Peng Wang
  • Wentao Luo
  • Xuewen Liu
  • Xuhui Jiang
  • Xun Xue
  • yeuk-kwan edna cheung
  • Yi Wang
  • Yi Zhu
  • Yu Zhang
  • Zepeng HE
  • zhaofeng kang
  • Zuowei Liu
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