Linux Certification Committee meeting

31/S-028 (CERN)



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Participants: Jarosław Polok IT/CM, Thomas Oulevey IT/CM, Stephen Page BE/CO, Reiner Hauser, ATLAS/Online, Patricia Mendez EP/SFT, Emil Obreshkov ATLAS/Offline, Marco Clemencic EP/LBC, Rainer Schwemmer EP/LBC, Roberto Divia ALICE/Online, Jan Iven IT/ST


Proposed end of support dates for Scientific
Linux CERN 5:

- end of general user support: March 31, 2017
- end of dedicated support for experiments /
  accelerators: March 31, 2019

match the CERN LHC schedule (4 months after LS2 begins),
and as such have been accepted.

A need for future availability of SLC5 - after above
dates - in the context of Data Preservation has been
requested, this shall be fulfilled via the Data
Preservation project:

The locmap configuration tool ("puppet on the desktop")
replacing current LCM tool (quattor based) will be
made default for CC7 with CC7.3 minor release (expected
in December 2016). Testing is possible now, please
see slides.

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