‘1st Combined R2E Workshop & School-Days’

La Villa du Lac

La Villa du Lac

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Jorgen Christiansen (CERN) , Roberto Losito (CERN)
After the CNGS operation stop due to radiation induced equipment failure, a review for LHC electronics installed in underground areas was started in the context of a dedicated study group. In this context the need of an updated course on radiation effects on electronics was identified, with the emphasis on Single Event Effects. At CERN respective expertise exists within the Physics Experiment community as well as in certain machine groups. It was thus suggested to organise an inter-departmental school with the focus on both, general lectures, as well as acquired expertise for various solutions. The derrived course objectives are three-fold: to provide the necessary knowledge and scientific basis, to present past experiences and encountered problems, as well as to exchange existing expertise and enable future effective CERN internal collaborations (experiments, machine, various departments and groups). With experiments and machine facing similar problems in terms of electronics reliability and functionality, but on partly different levels of radiation, the suggested training course is supposed to: · combine lectures based on general radiation effects and their consequences, radiation to electronics and related experience, as well as constraints in terms of system development and the solutions of problems · bring together from the experiments and machine experts in electronics design in radiation fields, as well as less or not experienced electronic developers, equipment designers and owners, thus creating an effective and efficient link and knowledge between concerned people · be in its first venue focused on one central subject: Single Event Effects on electronics in typical radiation fields with high-energy hadron fluences in the range of 1E7-1E10 cm-2year-1