6 December 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone

This NUSPRASEN workshop will focus on nuclear structure, but also address topics of nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics.

NUSPRASEN is the physics network within ENSAR-2, which aims at raising synergies between the various ENSAR-2 work packages, its transnational access facilities and their users. It will stimulate the information exchange among the ENSAR-2 partners and contribute to optimize the exploitation of the (HIE-)ISOLDE facility, in theory and experiment.

The ENSAR-2 NUSPRASEN Workshop will be held at CERN on the afternoon of Tuesday 6th December 2016 as a satellite of the annual ISOLDE Workshop and Users meeting. If you would like to attend the ISOLDE Workshop as well please also register via http://indico.cern.ch/e/ISOLDEWORKSHOP2016 .

Participation and contributions of young scientists are encouraged; a limited budget for financial support is available.

Scientific Committee:  Maria J. Garcia Borge, Zsolt Fülop, Silvia Lenzi, Riccardo Raabe, Christoph Scheidenberger, Livius Trache, Jennifer Weterings


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