Thoughts on B-physics Anomalies

Apr 21, 2017, 12:09 PM
Plenary talk Flavor


Sebastian Jaeger (University of Sussex (GB))


Very recently, LHCb has reported measurements of new lepton-universality-violating (LUV) observables. I will explain the need for a modified, lepton-flavour-specific C10 Wilson coefficient to accommodate the data and propose three further LUV ratios which are precise probes of the ratio
C10mu/C10e. I then will argue that although the global fit favours, in addition, a sizable BSM effect in C9, this can perfectly well be lepton-flavour-universal. I discuss an efficient mechanism for generating it from
b->c cbar s 4-fermion operators, which in turn contribute in a peculiar pattern to radiative decay and B meson lifetime observables. The scenario is entirely viable and provides model-independent connections, between rare B decays and lifetime observables, and the prospect to observe the same new physics in both.

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