Geant4 Tutorial

593-R-010 (CERN)



John Apostolakis (CERN)

A tutorial on Geant4 for users interested to begin or improve their usage of Geant4. Appropriate for creating applications in any domain. Some lectures will discuss topics relevant to High Energy or Nuclear Physics. This is a hands-on tutorial course based on Geant4 version 9.3. Lectures will cover all aspects of Geant4 from basic installation through advanced topics, interspersed with examples that build a progressively more complex application extensible to real use. The course should be of interest both to novices and those with basic familiarity with Geant4. Participants are expected to have a reasonable knowledge of C++.


The course is full. Further registration is not possible. The course is given at no charge. Pre-registration is required as capacity is limited to 45 attendees. We note that half the places will be reserved to people with CERN affiliation (experiment or other). Places have been available on a first-come first-serve basis to qualified applicants.

Laptop and Preinstallation of Geant4 are Required

Users should bring a laptop capable of running Geant4 and equipped with a wireless internet connection. CERN will not offer any computers for tutorial participants. Minimum required free disk space to install the Geant4 Virtual Machine is about 5 GB; the recommended amount of RAM is 2 GB or over. Participants are expected to arrive with a working installation of Geant4. At the start of the tutorial only a short session will check the installation of Geant4 and related libraries, to ensure that it is working adequately and to attempt to correct minor difficulties. We require the use of the Geant4 Virtual Machine as the baseline installation of Geant4. Users must have this installed on their machine, to ensure that they can undertake the exercises in an environment which supports all necessary functionality. Full instructions of installing Geant4 VM with 9.3 have been circulated. An additional, alternative installation can be created by users, with native compilers. Supported systems and C++ compilers for this are listed in the Geant4 Installation Guide. If you have questions about whether your laptop is appropriate, or problems about installing Geant4, see the Geant4 Installation Guide, and/or the Geant4 Installation and Configuration Discussion Forum.


Complete source code and doxygen
Link to Exercises
The solution to task4d (complete application)