1st Meeting of WLCG Collaboration Board

60/6-002 (CERN)



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    • 1
      The role of the CB and its relationship with the other WLCG committees
      Speaker: J. Engelen
    • 2
      Members introduce themselves and the organizations that they represent
      Speaker: round-table
    • 3
      Election of the CB Chair
    • 4
      Status of the project
      - Priority issues - MoU signature status - Reporting to the CB from the other WLCG committees - Accounting for both remotely and locally submitted work: problems of introduction
      Speaker: L. Robertson
      Project Status Report
    • 5
      Round-table from the Centres on the expected ramp-up of human and hardware resources
      Czech Rep. Prague T2
      France GRIF T2
      France IN2P3-T1
      France LPC T2
      France Subatech T2
      Germany GridKa T1
      Germany Munich ATLAS T2
      Italy INFN-CNAF T1
      Japan Tokyo T2
      Russian Fed. RDIG T2
      Spain ATLAS T2
      Spain CMS T2
      Spain LHCb T2
      Swiss CSCS T2
      UK London T2
      UK Northgrid T2
      UK Southern T2
      UK T1
      US-ATLAS Midwest T2
      US-CMS UNL T2
    • 6
      Summary and Future Activities
      Speaker: J. Engelen
    • 7
      Date of next meeting / AOB