The eta -> 3 pi and eta pi -> pi pi amplitudes from the chiral expansion and an extended Khuri-Treiman dispersive formalism

Mar 17, 2017, 9:00 AM
Lecture Hall (Bad Honnef)

Lecture Hall

Bad Honnef

Topic 3: Theoretical Constraints on Amplitude Analyses Session


Dr Bachir Moussallam (Universite Paris-Sud Orsay)


The considerable amount of data on three-body decays of mesons which has
become available in recent years has revived interest in the dispersive
formalism of Khuri and Treiman as a powerful analysis tool. We consider here
the isospin breaking eta -> 3 pi amplitude which is specific in that both the
low-energy chiral expansion and dispersion relation techiques can be
applied. We reconsider an approach in which both methods are combined such as
to produce a unique, parameter-free (except for an overall factor) amplitude
in the physical region. We develop an extension of the KT formalism which
includes both eta-pi rescattering as well as inelastic rescattering to
KKbar. We compare the predicted amplitude with the recent high-precision
experimental results from KLOE, BESIII and WASA. Consequences for the isospin
breaking quark mass ratio are presented.

Primary authors

Dr Bachir Moussallam (Universite Paris-Sud Orsay) Dr Miguel Albaladejo (IFIC Universidad de Valencia)

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