Triangles and rescattering in light- and heavy-meson decay

Mar 16, 2017, 4:30 PM
Lecture Hall (Bad Honnef)

Lecture Hall

Bad Honnef

Topic 1: Spectroscopy of Baryons, Light- and Heavy-Quark Mesons Session


Prof. Eulogio Oset


I shall give a brief introduction to triangle singularities (TS), with a new pedagogical way to face them. Then I will report on the interpretation of the $f_1(1420)$ as a decay mode of the $f_1(1285)$ into $\pi a_0(980)$ through a TS, and $K^* \bar{K}$. Then I briefly report on the $f_2(1810)$ and make predictions for the decay $\bar{B} \to \bar{K} \pi D_{s0}^*(2317)$, which shows a peak due to a TS. Concerning rescattering in decays of particles, I shall describe the $\chi_{c1} \to \pi^+ \pi^- \eta$ decay measured at BESIII and make predictions for $\eta_c \to \pi^+ \pi^- \eta$ decay.

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