RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly (SyA)

Other Institutes

Other Institutes

  • Ways RDA / RDA Europe can contribute to the EOSCpilot governance and ecosystem (i.e. interaction mechanisms)
  • Definition of standards to be used by EOSC services (c.f. the "rules of engagement")
  • Provision of education and training on services (c.f. the shortage of 500K data scientists)
  • Provision of social bridges related to the above (ie at RDA plenaries and other meetings)
  • Ensuring EOSC fits with global initiatives (c.f. "open to the world")

Agenda (to grow slowly)

9:00 Review Agenda

9:10 Introductions

Tour de table: introductions and expectations for the meeting

12:00 Lunch

15:45 Sum up and planning (Juan/Leif)

16:00 Close

The agenda of this meeting is empty