Following the success of the LHC Long-Lived Particle (LLP) Mini-Workshop in May of 2016, the LHC LLP Community -- composed of members of the CMS, LHCb, and ATLAS collaborations as well as theorists, phenomenologists and those interested in LLP searches with auxiliary LHC detectors -- convenes again to address the status and future of LLP searches at the LHC.

This workshop will be one of two workshops devoted to producing an LHC LLP white paper that will be a snapshot of the status of LLP searches at the LHC as of 2017, organized by experimental signature; contain an enumeration of gaps in the coverage of classes of BSM models that can produce LLPs; propose recommendations for triggering strategies for LLPs in ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb; list ideas for new searches for LLPs; and propose a set of recommendations for the presentation of search results to ensure future reinterpretation and recasting.

We will have three days of talks and breakout working sessions that will center on three tasks:

1) Solidifying the structure and components of the white paper
2) Performing phenomenology-level studies for new or existing ideas for LLP searches
3) Assigning tasks (other studies and writing sections) for the summer

The second of the two workshops will take place in September of 2017 and will be centered on finalizing the white paper.

​VIDYO connection will be available.

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Starts 24 Apr 2017 02:00
Ends 26 Apr 2017 18:00
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