Payment methods

Payment may be made in one of three ways

  • Credit Card (all participants)
  • Bank transfer (all participants)
  • CERN InterDepartmental Transfer (TID) from a CERN account (only for CERN employees, this option is not shown in the registration check-out)

Your registration status is automatically updated as Paid only if you use the online e-payment method by credit card. All other methods require manual updating of the conference account by the Secretariat and do not appear immediately.

Note: For conference fees reaching us later than 1 August, a surcharge of CHF 20 must be added to the regular fees. The same rule applies for cash payments at the registration desk.


Credit Card

Payment by credit card is done online within your registration. Please choose "Credit Card" in the checkout of your registration form, then your credit card provider and proceed with "Pay now".

Please note that payment with Visa and Mastercard will incur (to you) charges of around 2.5% and around 3.7% with American Express.


Bank Transfer

The reference SPS/ÖPG has to be imperatively mentioned as well as the name of every person for whom the fee is being paid. Please make sure that you include the cost of bank fees such that the precise fee amount reaches the conference account below:

Bank UBS
Account 0240-FP100541.3
IBAN CH66 0024 0240 FP10 0541 3

Please choose "Bank Transfer" in the checkout of your registration form to display payment information.



Through a CERN team account using EDH

In the TID form the supplier is Connie Potter and you are the client.

The supplier budget code to send the money is 34948. The activity code is 14050400.

In the TITLE FIELD, please mention SPS/ÖPG and in the case of one TID being made for a group of people it is essential that THE NAME OF EVERY PERSON WHOSE FEE IS BEING PAID IN THE TID IS IN THE TITLE FIELD IF POSSIBLE. If the group is too large, then please send the organisers an email with the date and sum of your payment, along with the title you have given it and the full list of every person whose fee is included in this group payment. Thank you

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