CERN Computing Seminar

Cyber Situational Awareness and FortiSIEM


On the 6th April 2017 Fortinet will be hosting a 45 minute webinar focused on the Cyber Situational Awareness and FortiSIEM. This webinar will discuss how Fortinet can help you effectively deal with prioritising risks and threats through a Cyber Situational Awareness model and how we can make those priorities actionable with a SIEM solution which meets today's post breach challenges. The following agenda will be covered:

  • What is Cyber Situational Awareness
  • How do we implement it to prioritise our responses
  • Follow an example of applying Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Look at the challenges of knowing what’s going on in today’s world
  • Share some insight into FortiSIEM and how it overcomes today’s challenges
  • And look at a real-life case study into a large international customer and how FortiSIEM solved many of their global cyber challenges.

Webinar Start Time: 10:30 AM GMT / 11:30 AM CET.

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Disclaimer: This webinar is organised directly by Fortinet and it is announced here exclusively for the benefit of those interested. The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CERN on the subject.

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