CERN Computing Seminar

State of security in Elasticsearch

by Simone Scarduzio (ReadonlyREST project)

31-3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31-3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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Security is an often understated problem in high growth emerging branches of IT like big data and IoT. Elasticsearch is a great example because support for security not only came late, but it's a quite convoluted, non-open, and very expensive solution.

Learn how Simone Scarduzio lead his Open Source project ReadonlyREST to become the solution of choice for many. From hackathon hustlers to Fortune500 corporates.

ReadonlyREST is simple yet powerful because it leverages the concept of access control list (yes, like firewalls). We'll go through some creative use cases and business concepts made possible by the creative use of ReadonlyREST and its configuration model.

About the speaker

Simone Scarduzio has a 8 years background in software engineering, spanning from mobile messaging clusters to Cloud-first startups. He wrote the first book about Vert.x, a JVM micro services framework. Recently, he helped Thomson Reuters re-architect legacy back ends into secure, polyglot, resilient distributed systems.

Today, Simone leads his OSS project ReadonlyREST, and helps companies from all over the world to secure and govern their Elasticsearch clusters.

You may address queries to the speaker this week by contacting the Centralized IT ES cluster project team

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