13 July 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

Brief description: 

• This is the story of the physics signal from the detector to tape

• The level is undergraduate and targeted at non-specialist students (originally developed for physicists)

• The aim is to explain important concepts and terminology

• We will discuss electronics, trigger, data acquisition and related computing

• Topics are related, no 100% separation between the 3

• Trigger & DAQ do not live in isolation: context and more details for example in

– The ISOTDAQ school: http://isotdaq.web.cern.c h/isotdaq/isotdaq/Home. html

– The CERN summer-student lecture programme: http://summertimetable.web.cern.ch/su mmer-timetable/


Speaker's short bio: I started my training with a Master degree in particle physics making my internships on the OPERA and LHCb detectors for decay channel reconstruction and analysis. I continued my studies with a second master in computer science. It leaded to a PhD. on memory management in HPC context at CEA while working inside the MPC project. I then made a one year post-doc at the Exascale computing lab working on a memory profiling tool (MALT). I am now a Fellow at CERN since two years working on the future data acquisition system for the LHCb detector.

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