MyCERN scoping sub-WG meeting #4

4/R-050 (CERN)



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  • Derek Mathieson
  • Doris Chromek-Burckhart
  • Thomas Baron
  • The "procedures engine" module is described with its undeniable benefits. It is agreed that this is a clear duplicate of the work done daily by AIS on the computerization of CERN procedures. As such it is proposed and agreed that the implementation of MyCERN for this module is reduced to three points:
    • Define the list of CERN procedures that should be computerized
    • Prioritize them (propose to WG)
    • Define with AIS interfaces that will allow to display the status of the ongoing procedures on the MyCERN dashboard (1 week of work)
  • Doris notes that the "contract extension" procedure is already implemented in EDH, and that this could be a good use case for a pilot integration; 3-4 weeks of work for the implementation of the pilot. (SNow processes are single steps, not suitable for progress tracking; myCERN already implements a SNow tickets list)
  • Doris insists that the pre and on-boarding processes should be implemented as soon as possible; Derek mentions that this should be handled taking into account the priorities put forward by HR. He also mentions that AIS started a process of replacing Oracle HR at the 2020 horizon and most of the software suites (ex. WorkDay) considered for the purpose include on-boarding processes.
    • Followup to this point has been discussed in the afternoon with Anna Cook and Roxana Banica
      • It was then confirmed that the implementation schedule of the pre and on boarding processes would be decoupled from the myCERN project, and that AIS would be involved straight away in order to ensure that the proper interfaces (progress API) are indeed available in the final selected product.
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