Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminars

The 30 GeV Dimuon Excess at ALEPH

by Kenneth Lane (Boston University)

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room (CERN)

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room


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A simple variation of a two-Higgs-doublet model is proposed to describe the 30 GeV dimuon excess reported by Heister in his reanalysis of Z  to bottom-antibottom events in ALEPH data taken in 1992-95. The heavier CP-even Higgs H is the 125 GeV Higgs boson discovered at the LHC. The model admits two options for describing the dimuon excess: (1) The lighter CP-even Higgs h and the CP-odd state eta_A are approximately degenerate and contribute to the 30 GeV excess. (2) Only the h is at 30 GeV while the eta_A and H are approximately degenerate at 125 GeV. The ALEPH data favor option 1. Testable predictions are presented for LHC as well as LEP experiments. A potential no-go theorem for models of this type is also discussed