Conference call regarding GPHIGS test source code license for CERN

513/R-068 (CERN)



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We meet with the Software Product Director of FEI to try to obtain the source code license.

Summary of the meeting with the Software Product Director of FEI 3/5/2017

Present: Juan Fernando Fantino, Ulrich Schwickerath, Frank Berghaus, Ignacio Reguero
  •  we explained the history and the situation
    • LEP experiments DELPHI and OPAL used GPHIGS for their event displays
    • The experiments were stopped in 2000
    • Software stack and access to the data is maintained in case of any discovery
    • Event displays are useful for event visualization
    • Within data archiving activities the experiment software is put on a public file system called CVMFS, with the exception of the event displays due to GPHIGS
    • The PHIGS standard has been abandoned many years ago. There are no replacements
    • Rewriting the code is not possible because of
      • Too much effort needed
      • Vanishing expertise
    • The only future use case if for educational purpose and research
    • The expected use is minimal
  • Explained issues with GPHIGS
    • The newest libraries we have are from 2001
    • They have been compiled with egcs and g77, both compilers are gone
    • The libraries no longer work due to missing symbols. Ugly hacks are needed to be able to link the code
    • The code is broken in multiple ways:
      • Printing libraries produce wrong ps files which cannot be printed
      • Crashes of the code (segfaults)
      • Issues with color maps
      • No 3d acceleration
      • ...
  • The FEI responsible informed us that he knows about the history and use of GPHIGS at CERN. He was one of the developers of GPHIGS at the time
    • They still sell GPHIGS and give support for it
    • They usually don't give away the source code
    • GPHIGS is fairly cheap these days
    • They can recreate the libraries for recent OS
    • They can fix issues which we report
    • Putting the libraries on CVMFS is per-se not an issue for them as long as the license key is not on this file system.
    • External users (outside our field) will have to purchase a license from them
  • We have the following options:
    • Buy the source code from them
    • Let them recreate the libraries for 32bit CentOS7, we report any issues we see with the code and they will fix them
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