Collaboration meeting



Michel Jouvin (Universite de Paris-Sud 11 (FR))

# Argus Collaboration Meeting - 19/5/2017

## General News

EGI conference : presentation on EGI AAI mentioning evaluation/development of a service 
similar to Argus
* Argus may be considered: may need to make more publicity on what Argus is capable 
of doing nowadays
* People tend to look at XACML3 with JSON-based policy/bindings rather than XACML2 (currently 
used in Argus) that is using XML- and SAML-based policies and requests/responses.
  * Changing this in Argus is a significant development (but doable)
  * In fact we are far from using the expression power of XACML2: need a clear justification 
  to move to XACML3
  * XACML2 XML-based policies hidden by Argus simplified policy language, interaction with the service is not hidden.
  * EGI FedCloud looking at XACML to define policy for spawning VMs: may make Argus 
  unusable in this context, since they probably want something up to date... Still very preliminary

Other projects doing things similar to Argus, like DC/OS (project to manage a datacenter 
with containers, related to Mesos)
* May be good to have a look

## 1.7.1 Release Status

Release is ready as far as the code development and packages are concerned
* Available in our internal repo

Documentation: merged but error on ReadTheDocs preventing it from being available
* Michel will look at it

Next UMD release planned mid-June: try to be included in it
* Everything required by EGI
* Need to open a GGUS ticket

## Issues

An issue was seen on one of the GRIF Argus servers: GGUS ticket opened but not yet at 
ARGUS support unit
* A similar problem was also reported by CERN after adding a group associated with a 
wrong account prefix (configuration typo)
* Issue is that PDP is getting stuck: no more answer possible from Argus

## AOB

Next meeting: June 16, 2 pm

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    • 4:00 PM 4:10 PM
      General news 10m

      Feedback from EGI Conference

    • 4:10 PM 4:40 PM
      Release 1.7.1 Status 30m

      Implementation status: something missing
      Timeline for release and for inclusion in UMD

    • 4:40 PM 4:45 PM
      AOB 5m

      Next meeting