May 13 – 19, 2018
Venice, Italy
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Charged particle spectra in Xe--Xe collisions at $\sqrt{s_{{\text{NN}}}}=$ 5.44 TeV measured with ALICE

May 15, 2018, 5:00 PM
2h 40m
First floor and third floor (Palazzo del Casinò)

First floor and third floor

Palazzo del Casinò

Poster Jet modifications and high-pT hadrons Poster Session


Patrick Huhn (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Univ. (DE))


The ALICE experiment at the LHC is designed to investigate the properties of the Quark-Gluon Plasma by studying high-energy pp, p-Pb, Pb-Pb and also in the recently for the first time recorded Xe-Xe collisions. Medium effects like parton energy loss can be examined by measuring the production of charged particles and their nuclear modification factor at high transverse momentum ($\textit{p}_{\text{T}}$).
In this poster, we present the analysis of $\textit{p}_{\text{T}}$-spectra for primary charged particles as well as the nuclear modification factor ($R_{\text{AA}}$) in Xe-Xe collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\text{NN}}}=$ 5.44 TeV measured with ALICE. In particular, we focus on a comparision of the nuclear modification factor in Pb-Pb and Xe-Xe collisions to investigate a possible system size dependence of $R_{\text{AA}}$.

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Patrick Huhn (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Univ. (DE))

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