Nov 20 – 22, 2017
TU Dortmund University
Europe/Berlin timezone


Your can walk from the train station Dortmund Universität to your accommodation (TRYP Hotel Dortmund, 800 meter) and to the workshop location (Erich Brost Institute, 300 m). From the hotel to the workshop site, the two distances add up.

The map of TU Dortmund shows on "Campus Nord"

  • "S" (orange circle): the train station
  • "22" (green): the Erich Brost Institute
  • "7" (pink): the canteen, known as Mensa
  • "9" (pink): the so-called Unicenter with cafeteria, bank, and ATM
  • "10" (green): the DELTA building.

The Tryp Hotel is just outside the map (north-east corner) on Emil-Figge-Str. 41.

Arrival by air:

The nearest airports are

  • Dortmund (DTM): take Airport Express bus from the terminal to Dortmund Hbf (main station) and then train S1 to Dortmund Universität.
  • Düsseldorf (DUS): take cabin train (SkyTrain) from terminal to Düsseldorf Flughafen railway station and then any train to Dortmund Universität.
  • Frankfurt (FRA): take cabin train (SkyLine) from terminal to Frankfurt Flughafen railway station and then any train to Dortmund Universität.

There are only few flights directly to Dortmund, most likely you will arrive at Düsseldorf. Pilot information for Dortmund is available here.

Arrival by train:

  • The TU Dortmund campus can be reached by local train (S-Bahn). Find a train connection to "Dortmund Universität" on the Deutsche Bahn website (also in English and other languages).

Arrival by car:

Set your automotive navigation system to

  • Dortmund, Emil-Figge-Straße 41 for the TRYP Hotel
  • Dortmund, Otto-Hahn-Straße 2 for the Erich Brost Institute

or find your way by other means to the Autobahn crossing "Dortmund-West" on A45, follow the signs to "Dortmund A40". Leave Autobahn A40 at

  • "Dortmund Barop" and turn right for the TRYP Hotel
  • "Do-Universität Do-Dorstfeld", turn left on Hauert (first trafic light) and left again on Otto-Hahn-Straße (second crossing) for the Erich Brost Institute.

Parking at the University is not easy during the day. There are large parking lots along Otto-Hahn-Straße and Emil-Figge-Straße (see map). Parking at the TRYP Hotel is free for TU Dortmund guests (the barrier opens when you approach it).