ISOLDE Seminar

Introduction to the planned Beijing Isotope-Separation-On-Line Neutron-Rich Beam Facility (BISOL)

by Xiaofei Yang (KU Leuven (BE))

b. 508 (CERN)

b. 508



Beijing ISOL (BISOL) is a planned large science facility jointly proposed by the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) and Peking University (PKU) [1][2]. BISOL, drived by both reactor and high-energy intense deuteron-beam, is aiming to combine both projectile fragmentation (PF) and isotopes separation online (ISOL) techniques to produce very exotic radioactive ions beam for nuclear material and nuclear physics studies. This project was already listed in the national 13th 5 year plan in 2016.  A general Introduction of this project and its status will be given here, as well as the proposed terminal user experimental setups.

[1]B.Q. Cui et al., NIM B, 317, 257(2013)

[2] S. Zeng et al., Chinese Science Bulletin 60(15), 1329-1335(2015);

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