COD-21 (closed meeting)



Agenda in construction =================================================== MEETING VENUE: Colocated with EGEE'09 =================================================== Due to the short time slot allocated this time, usual parallel sessions (incl. failover matters progress on operational tools) to make specific progress, will have to take place outside the "regular COD-21" meeting schedule. Agenda can be subject to modifications until last minute as far as the second half of the meeting is concerned; please note the whole meeting will be held in plenary format. Please note that from now on there is no "pre-COD" training sessions anymore. Training material is now available to the community and it will be maintained by c-cod. Proposal : Next F2F meeting to take place on January 26th-27th in Lyon.
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      Since COD-20
      Speaker: Helene Cordier (CNRS/IN2P3)
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      Pole1 : assessment of model
      - Summary of feedback forms from the four federations : UKI, DE-CH, SEE, RU - Assessment of Operations Model : TASKS and ROLES - Assessment of OPerations Model : METRICS
      Speaker: Marcin Radecki (Unknown-Unknown-Unknown)
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      Pole2 : assessment of procedures restructuration
      - Assesment of the last releases - Best practices wiki use - Goc wiki use
      Speaker: Vera Hansper (CSC/NDGF)
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      Pole 3 : COD tools
      - Assessment of architecture and plans for the regional standalone dashboard - Update on Failover Topic (Gilles M.)
      Speaker: Cyril L'Orphelin (Unknown)
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      FORUM of ROD teams
      Could be a discussion in plenary session on a few open questions *fixed beforehand*, including feedback from rod-teams along the following lines for example (if gotten before EGEE09 a summary will be presented, if not, it could be debated): - on the new operations model, - on the communication channels between rod and c-cod and - on what need to stay after EGEE-III from the current "COD" activity (take out c-cod) The above is a strawman and is bound to evolve closer to the dates of the meeting