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Literature in Focus: "The house journal that spread world-wide: 50 years of the CERN Courier"

Library, Bldg. 52, 1st floor (CERN)

Library, Bldg. 52, 1st floor


Everyone in the high-energy physics community knows the CERN Courier; what started 50 years ago as an internal publication to tell people at CERN was going on at the Laboratory has developed to become the magazine of the community world-wide. The published articles are all studied in close detail, and discussed among colleagues, and feedback is continuously provided to the editorial office. Who are the people behind the Courier? How have they been able to use their pens in such a balanced way for more than half a century? On Wednesday at 3 p.m., September 2nd, you will have the opportunity to come and meet them all in the Library and get some of the stories from the back office, and you will have the opportunity to ask the questions you always wanted to ask.
1959: the birth of the CERN Courier
The first issue
Organized by

Tullio Basaglia