CWP Editorial Board Meeting

42/R-403 (CERN)



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HSF CWP Editorial Board
Graeme A Stewart
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Present: Eduardo Rodrigues, John Harvey, Graeme Stewart, Michel Jouvin, Dario Menasce, Stefan Roiser, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Predrag Buncic, David Lange

(People at S2I2 workshop could not join: Mike, Pete, Maria.)

Meeting Minutes

  • Physics Generators

    • Liz also gathered input from LHCb about their generators (Pythia + EvtGen) and modernisation needs

  • Workload Management

    • This group didn’t add anything unique for the CWP process

  • Impact Statements

    • Liz - think this is a good idea, but is unclear how to incorporate this into the document

    • John - the S2I2 document has a way of doing this through an impact section

    • Eduardo - some misgivings about this, as our work items are quite large and would be broken down into much finer pieces later

    • Liz - for NSF (e.g.) this needs to be done, so there is a reason to do this; could just be a question of matching to the 3 fundamental goals; P5 report matched areas of investigation to high level physics goals and could be used for inspiration

    • Simone - WLCG MB will take items from the CWP and prioritise them for that part of the community, so we can cover impact, but not try to actually prioritise

    • John’s summary: CWP users can take priorities from impact, so then it would be useful to cover that

    • We decided we do need to try to progress on this

      • Use the Tuesday 21st @ 16h slot (previous doodle)

      • People should do homework for this meeting and come with a concrete proposal for how the impact statements would look

  • WG Papers

    • Can update arXiv pages, so can do cross references as a a 2 round process

      • Upload all papers, first version

      • Add cross references, second version

    • Idea to have a reference page on the HSF website

      • Graeme worried we are not set up for archival quality pages

    • Eduardo, can give each paper a CWP reference (on the github HSF documents archive so something like HSF-CWP-2017-XXX). This way each WP paper get “now” an XXX number and the CWP can refer to these immediately. Once all is in arXiv the final versions of all papers will have the full refs, but the benefit is that the HSF-CWP-2017-XXX refs are set from the onset and act as a report number. The links between CWP and WG papers get attributed at an early stage.

  • John: it is critical to have WG convenors sign off on the sections in the CWP

    • Create a google doc so that we actually track this - close the loop

    • Also need to target some individuals for particular sections (Ian Bird for Facilities; Jamie Shears for Data Preservation)

      • Please come up with ideas for Tuesday

  • Final version in LaTeX should be as close to final as possible!

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