CWP Editorial Board Meeting

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room (CERN)

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room


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Present: Maria Girone, Benedikt Hegner, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Michel Jouvin, Graeme Stewart, John Harvey, Mike Sokoloff

Action: Re-doocle for next week’s meeting to see if we can get better participation.

CMS offline week next week, Liz will ensure that CWP is raised

Maria will speak at an S2I2 Conceptualization meeting in NY next week about DOMA section (3 domains participating : HEP, astrophysics, genomics)

We want/need/must stick with the agreed deadline:

  • End of draft 1 comment : Friday 10
  • Release of draft 2: Friday 17

Generators section: situation unblocked but hard to believe they will make it for draft 2 deadline. Agreed that we could drop in an update to Draft 2 up to one week late.

Workload Management section: will not be there (almost certainly).

Security section: progressing well, a draft with the appropriate structure expected by the end of this week

Prioritization proposal: Mike/Pete had no time to do it
Action: Mike/Pete look at the S2I2 section about it and see what to send to the EB to make things clearer

Should we have an “opt out” approach to authorship (i.e., add all CWP participants)? No, we don’t think so.

Section Ordering - we agree that DOMA should come before Facilities. Move x-cutting topics down (ML, SoftDev), visualisation up? Propose this in GDoc and finalise.

Regarding deadlines, 2020 and 2022 are the main dates we stick to, however it's ok to use a different date when there is a concrete target, e.g., simulation have a target for 2019

Note, please use British English!

Discussion on specific comments:

  • Simone, miniAOD; this is the default method, needs to be said in analysis section (check this), at least the move to micro formats
  • Pete, graphics; Action on Pete!
  • Table on resource usage: we now have the right link! (RRB talk from Donatella)
  • Data preservation: mention CVMFS as a foundation technology, remove “to enable reuse” from the title (discussed in the text, don't limit scope)
  • DOMA concepts: probably to address in the glossary but also a few things to make more explicit (Action Benedikt will identify what needs to be more explicit)
  • Frameworks - Add extra material to address this (not worried about length); how can be process, but not outcome (Action Benedikt to respond)
  • ML - ask Sergei to address this (Action Graeme to chase up)
  • Training - OK. will add more on career
  • General on CPU challenge - power and cooling costs for disk are high according to some sources

Mike - final paragraph needs to be carefully considered. Action: to be discussed next week

Due to SC and S2I2 meetings next week it will be difficult for some people to join (Mike, Pete, Maria). Want to Doodle for next week and possibly for early the week after that. 


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