LHC Dark Matter WG public meeting

40-S2-D01 - Salle Dirac (CERN)

40-S2-D01 - Salle Dirac


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Antonio Boveia (CERN), Caterina Doglioni (Lund University (SE)), Michelangelo Mangano (CERN), Oliver Buchmueller (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB)), Philip Coleman Harris (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US)), Tim Tait (University of California, Irvine), Ulrich Andreas Haisch (University of Oxford (GB))

Discussion meeting of the LHC Dark Matter Working Group, focused on:

1) Conclusion of the work on scalar and pseudoscalar models (2HDM) and on the t-channel models

2) Overview and critical comparison of ATLAS and CMS DM results with 2015+2016 data

3) New ideas for future directions, including but not limited to:

  • connections between existing models and dark sector models
  • HL-LHC and HE-LHC prospects for dark matter searches
  • upcoming improvements to precision calculations and tools for DM searches
  • further refinement to current benchmark models towards new signatures 
  • presentation of joint ATLAS and CMS results (summary plots) 

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    • 09:00 09:30
      Introduction and scope of the meeting: Introduction
    • 09:30 10:30
      Discussion of results: LHC DM results with 2015+2016 data
      • 09:30
        CMS summary 20m
        Speaker: Livia Soffi (Cornell University (US))
      • 09:50
        ATLAS summary 20m
        Speaker: Francesca Ungaro (University of Melbourne (AU))
      • 10:10
        Discussion 20m
    • 10:30 11:00
      Coffee break 30m
    • 11:00 12:15
      New ideas: Morning
      • 11:00
        LLP Community ideas towards dark sector benchmarks and search 20m
        Speaker: James Beacham (Ohio State University (US))
      • 11:40
        Simplified likelihoods 20m
        Speaker: Matthew Daniel Citron (Univ. of California Santa Barbara (US))
      • 12:00
        Tools for relic density calculations in freeze-in scenarios 10m
        Speakers: Andreas Goudelis (CNRS), Mr Bryan Zaldivar (LAPTh, Annecy), Genevieve Belanger
    • 12:15 13:30
      Lunch break 1h 15m
    • 13:30 14:30
      New ideas: Afternoon short talks
      • 13:30
        Dark matter studies for HL-LHC and HE-LHC 10m
        Speaker: Monica D'Onofrio (University of Liverpool (GB))
      • 13:45
        Simplified models for LLP searches 10m
        Speaker: Tien-Tien Yu (CERN)
      • 14:00
        DM phenomenology at the LHC with decays outside the detector 10m
        Speaker: Doojin Kim (CERN)
      • 14:15
        Comparisons to ID for Vector and Axial Vector models 10m
        Speaker: Linda Carpenter (Ohio State University)
    • 14:30 16:00
      Scalar sector: Conclusion of 2HDM work, t-channel studies
    • 16:00 16:20
      Break for some air and non-artificial light 20m
    • 16:20 16:45
      New ideas: Afternoon
      • 16:20
        LHCb dark sector results 20m
        Speaker: J Michael Williams (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))
    • 16:45 17:00
      Conclusions: Conclusions and next steps
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