CWP Editorial Board Meeting

4/S-020 (CERN)



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Present: Michel Jouvin, John Harvey, Graeme Stewart, Eduardo Rodrigues, David Lange, Mark Neubauer, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Stefan Roiser, Thomas Kuhr

Meeting Minutes

  • Main work to be done in LaTeX is to do the references properly

    • Get the proper BibTeX entry from the publication point and add it to the cwp.bib file (except for web references).

  • For comments on the Google Doc (we are still getting a few) we need to fix the LaTeX and then mark the comment closed.

    • However comments now on the LaTeX are actually preferable.

  • Mark: is there a timeline for the next few days?

    • We do hope to still release the document on Friday (as we are optimists).

    • We do need to ensure that the whole document is read for any mistakes and English consistency and that it scans well.

      • We are reasonably confident in the state at the moment as many improvements were made in Draft 2 and in preparing the final version.

  • ACTION: Key task for the EB is to review the updated conclusions.

  • Support for having all the signatories as authors, but to highlight people who were on the EB.

    • We will allow people to sign into the future

    • ACTION: Re-broadcast to the announcement lists that all signatories are going to be listed as authors; last chance to join as an author.

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