14-18 May 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

The purpose of this TH Institute is to discuss the idea that primordial black holes can be abundant in the Universe, constituting a significant fraction of the dark matter. It will offer an opportunity to exchange ideas on the origin of primordial black holes, their evolution and phenomenological signatures, including astrophysical and cosmological. We plan to bring together researchers from high energy- and astro-physics communities interested in the physics of massive black holes.  We expect the workshop will provide a stimulating environment and a starting point for new research projects. The program will include review talks on the state-of-the art of black hole science, as well as contributions on more specific topics. A lot of free time will be left for discussions.

Organizers: Kfir Blum, Chiara Caprini, Sebastian Clesse, Valerie Domcke, Gian Giudice, Juan Garcia-Bellido, Sergey Sibiryakov

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