January 30, 2018 to February 9, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

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Goal of the workshop:

We plan to address mainly the assembly concept of the Interaction Region aiming at producing a schematic sketch of the Machine Detector Interface, including the final focus quadrupoles, anti-solenoid, luminosity calorimeter, and other necessary equipment like vacuum system, water cooling for the beam pipe and HOM absorbers with the necessary supports, beam position monitor…

The organization of the workshop will be similar to the first MDI FCC-ee workshop that was held last year in January, that is with presentations and discussions in the morning and working session in the afternoon.

The first week starting on Tuesday 30/1 will be more devoted to the review of the MDI design with accelerator and detector experts,
the second week starting from Monday 5/2 we will focus the discussion on the mechanical design of the MDI.

37/R-022 - 37/R-022 - ACCESS REQUEST NEEDED
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Conference room on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 January 2018: 93-R-031
Timetable for CERN shuttle bus No.1 (stop build. 504): Circuit 1

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