ISOLDE Seminar

Shape studies in the lead region: in-source laser spectroscopy of astatine nuclei and decay studies in 178Au

by James Gerald Cubiss (University of York (GB))

26/1-22 (CERN)




The shape of an atomic nucleus is one of its most fundamental properties. Over the past 6 years an extensive campaign has been underway by the so-called Windmill collaboration in order to study the shapes of nuclei surrounding the Z=82 shell closure (lead region), using the in-source laser spectroscopy method. Nuclei within this region are known to exhibit a wide range of shape phenomena, including sudden changes such as those found in the gold and mercury isotopes, and plentiful cases of shape coexistence. I will present the results from two experiments: first, a systematic study of isotope shifts and hyperfine structures in astatine nuclei; second, an alpha-decay study of 178Au.

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