Dec 2 – 4, 2009
Queen Mary University of London
Europe/London timezone
Many repositories hold data not only of interest to the producers of the data, but also to collaborators and fellow researchers, easier access to these data and to data holding related data-sets would enhance research, potentially open up new areas of research. The aim of this workshop through discussion of user scenarios/wishlists is to understand (among other things): 1) What subset of the repository needs to be interoperable (are these data-sets static i.e. not updated, or dynamic i.e. constantly updated). 2) Is interoperability restricted within the same collaboration, or open to a much wider audience. If open to a wider audience, is the access total or restricted. 3) What information is needed to ensure data-sets are interoperable (i.e. classes of metadata needed, adoption of standards). 4) What additional procedures and information is needed to ensure the data-sets remain interoperable in the long-term. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Digital Repositories in e-Science Network (DReSNet,
Queen Mary University of London
G.O.Jones Building Mile End Road E1 NS4 London UK