WG3: Extended Scalars meeting

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Action items:

1) Produce tables of Drell-Yan cross sections (LO, NLO, NNLO?) for all charge combinations of H5 states, for pp centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV (first priority); also 14 TeV would be nice.  We can take all the H5 charge states as degenerate in mass. **Do we also want cross sections for H5+H3 or H3+H3 or H+H3?

For the mass range, we could start at 70 GeV (a bit below the theorist-produced lower bound on the H5++ from like-sign dimuons). **Is there a good reason to start at even lower masses for more model-independent limits in other modes?

The calculation of cross sections should go up to masses such that all the cross sections drop below 1/300 fb.  **Is this reasonable?

2) Theorists will come up with a prioritized list of channels.  Then we can identify channels that are not covered by other searches.  It will also be nice to have some "target" branching ratios to compare to the experimental sensitivity.

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    • 14:00 14:05
      Introduction 5m
      Speakers: Heather Logan (Carleton University), Dr Raffaele Angelo Gerosa (Univ. of California San Diego (US)), Rui Santos (IST), Shufang Su (University of Arizona), Xiangyang Ju (University of Wisconsin Madison (US)), Xiaohu Sun (University of Alberta (CA))
    • 14:05 14:25
      Drell-Yan H5^0 --> gamma gamma 20m
      Speaker: Roberto Vega-Morales
    • 14:25 14:45
      H5+ --> W+ gamma theory 20m
      Speaker: Yongcheng Wu
    • 14:45 15:05
      H5+ --> W+ gamma experiment 20m
      Speakers: Brigitte Vachon, Kays Haddad, Kays Haddad (McGill University, (CA))
    • 15:05 15:25
      Drell-Yan H5^++ --> W+ W+ --> like-sign leptons 20m
      Speaker: Heather Logan (Carleton University)
    • 15:25 15:35
      Discussion 10m
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