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32-S-C22 (CERN)



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Dial-in numbers: 71400 (CERN), +41227671400
Vidyo meeting Numeric Extension: 10287102

Architects’ Forum Minutes, March 15

Present: Graeme Stewart, Michal Simon, Marco Clemencic, Pere Mato, Jakob Blomer, Gabriele Cosmo, Ed Moyse, David Lange, Andre Sailer, Patricia Mendez, Benedikt Hegner

Excused: Charles Delort, Marco Cattaneo

Line Management Issues

  • Summer students - 8 Member State projects of the first round, 3 for the second round (NMS) and 1 OpenLab

  • Arrivals

    • 1 DOCT (Stefan Wunch) with Lorenzo in TVMA

    • 1 TECH (MOSCIATTI Simone) with Jakob for CernVM

  • LD for ATLAS librarian

    • Board being organized for the beginning of April

  • Program of work presentations/discussions

    • 5,12,19 March for simulation, CernVM and services, and ROOT (

    • Everybody is invited to the meetings - ask Pere if you don’t get the SFT group meeting invitations

  • EP R&D

  • IT R&D

    • Advisory to IT management for R&D projects in the context of OpenLab and Techlab. Resources, priorities , ensure that R&D activities are properly documented, etc.

    • The composition is experiments computing coordinators, SFT group leader and leaders of the various IT groups/projects

Report from the LIM Meeting

  • LCG_93 has been released (also with Python 3). Some issues for LHCb, but think they are all solved.

    • Binutils is still a “manual” extra installation in this release..

  • For LCG_94 RPM dependencies on binutils will be included to automate the whole process (used by ATLAS).

    • LCG_94 will wait for the next ROOT release (Pere thinks there is a patch release coming soon)

  • New davix requested by ATLAS for LCG_88.

  • Workshop being organised (May, June - Doodle: to gather input from the experiments about their needs in a bit more depth than can be gathered in the LIM itself.

    • This will help define the longer term strategy.

      • 2-3 year roadmap.

    • You are all invited.

    • Link to HSF activities.

  • Clang 5.0 requested by LHCb. Causes a lot of failures right now in dev3 -> following up.

Status of Projects


    • Appliance release 3.7 is in the pipeline. Currently being tested internally. Will go to public testing next week. Needed for kernel upgrade for CERNVM 3.

    • CVMFS 2.5 release well in hand. 25 smaller issued to be resolved.

      • Will support multi-transactions.

    • Improved backup strategy being developed with IT.

  • Simulation

    • New patch release 10.4p1. CMS wanted this, but went to production with 10.4 anyway. LHCb needed custom optical properties (was removed by mistake in 10.4). Supports C++17 (needs CMake 3.8). Work plan is now available. Will be discussed in 10 April G4 Technical Forum.

  • Persistency

    • Charles - nothing to report for CORAL and COOL.

  • ROOT

    • No report.


Experiments’ Feedback


    • Nothing to report.

  • LHCb

    • Nothing special to report.


    • Nothing more to report.

  • CMS

    • Nothing more to report. Finalising data taking releases.

  • CLIC

    • Minor issues with G4 10.4. Had to adapt to a change of CMake variable for CLHEP.

      • Was not seen in LCG builds.

  • IT

    • IT TUM 28 May. Q. Are other linux distros being considered? Only CentOS7.5. No other distributions being considered (has 10 year LTS).

      • Better support for ARM64 architectures seems to be the only active request (this means puppet and other supporting services).

  • HSF

    • Naples workshop in just over 1 week. Well prepared, looking forward to many discussions about the development plans for the next decade.


  • Next meeting 5 April.

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 14:00 14:10
      Report from the LIM meeting 10m
      Speaker: Dr Patricia Mendez Lorenzo (CERN)
    • 14:10 14:20
      Status of Projects 10m
    • 14:20 14:30
      Experiments Feedback 10m
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