CreaDigital May Visit

3179/R-E06 (CERN)



385 Route de Meyrin
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Directions on how to get to CERN you can find here:

When on CERN site, you can find the meeting venue Ideasquare with this Google-map:

For registering your laptop/mobile phone for wifi access at CERN, please fill in a request here: - and use Harri Toivonen or Sandy Petitfrere as the CERN contact person (on the last page of the request form).

  • Aby-Yacine NDIAYE
  • Alessandra Lo Moro
  • alexandre wehrlin
  • Benjamin Gapany
  • Eleonora Casassa
  • Elise Merrant
  • Fabian Ranzoni
  • Francesca Giordano Gala
  • Giulia Canfora
  • Jukka Ojasalo
  • krutika harde
  • Lycelle Bajar
  • Marco Cassino
  • Marie-Laure Van hove
  • Marina Desvaux de Marigny
  • Marisol Arce
  • Maurizio Vrenna
  • Midar Pilastro
  • Nicolas Mathias
  • Sheena Nguyen
  • sonia Bahun-Wilson
  • Stefano Reverberi
  • Sébastien Lindt
  • Thai An Nguyen
  • Tobia Piovesan
  • Vanessa Sublon
  • victoria carles
  • Virginie Flak-Muller
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