TH String Theory Seminar

String Dualities and the Superpotential for M-theory on TCS G(2)-manifolds

by Dr Michele Del Zotto (SCGP)

4-3-006 - TH Conference Room (CERN)

4-3-006 - TH Conference Room


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Twisted-connected sum (TCS) G(2)-manifolds are seven dimensional manifolds realized by cleverly glueing together a pair of Calabi-Yau cylinders to obtain a metric with G(2)-holonomy. This allows to export a lot of techniques available in the Calabi-Yau context to the G(2)-realm. In this talk I am going to discuss some recent applications of string dualities to the compactification of M-theory on some examples of such G(2)-manifolds, which lead to the computation of the quantum corrected superpotential on the G(2) side. Along the way, this computation sheds some light on the physics of associative transitions in the G(2)-manifolds context, which generalize the more familiar wall-crossing transitions in the Calabi-Yau realm.

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