HXSWG Offshell Meeting: MC tools for off-shell gg (→ H) → ZZ,WW at NLO

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room (CERN)

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room


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Jeremie Quevillon (LPSC, Grenoble (CNRS)), Meng Xiao (Johns Hopkins University (US)), Nikolas Kauer (Royal Holloway, University of London), Roberto Di Nardo (University of Massachusetts (US)), Stefan Hoeche (SLAC)

MC tools for off-shell gg (→ H) → ZZ,WW → 4 leptons at NLO (signal-background interference and gg background)

    • 4:30 PM 4:35 PM
      Introduction 5m
    • 4:35 PM 4:55 PM
      Challenges and prospects for flexible automated event generation for NLO accurate predictions of Higgs-related loop-induced processes 20m
      Speaker: Valentin Hirschi (ETHZ - ETH Zurich)
    • 5:00 PM 5:20 PM
      Top mass effects in gluon fusion processes 20m
      Speaker: Andreas Maier (IPPP, Durham University)
    • 5:25 PM 5:45 PM
      NLO parton shower matching and associated uncertainties in loop-induced processes 20m
      Speaker: Silvan Kuttimalai (SLAC)