EM-U #62: Blockchain - Swiss Opportunities

IdeaSquare (CERN)



Map with directions to IdeaSquare here: http://goo.gl/WNSa6P

After becoming a global hub in Private Banking and Trading, Switzerland and Geneva specifically are aiming to become world leader in, and a global hub for, blockchain related technologies. In 2017, Switzerland already hosted some of the world largest and most successful ICOs and is now setting up structures to support ventures related to blockchain technologies. At the entrepreneurship meet-up #62, Oak-V and it's partners offer an overview of the blockchain landscape in Switzerland and Geneva, inviting for collaboration projects and development opportunities.


Oak V is a newly founded company in Geneva, dedicated to support early stage, high-tech start-ups. Aiming to become co-founders and entrepreneurs in residence in the startups they work with, and taking ownership as the only compensation, Oak V may bring in the business experience high-tech startups need to carve out a viable business model.

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