Indico "room booking module": Internal preparation notes for Usability test

by Maria Dimou (CERN)

31/2-029 (CERN)



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This event is for internal use by the IT-CDA-IC team doing an Indico Usability study of the new Indico room booking module that is approaching release. The video material attached is a mockup navigating through the room booking module in production at the time of thie event.

ffmpeg command options used to process, crop and merge camera/slides files from the audiovisual recording by Michal Kolodziejski


ffmpeg -i file.mp4 -ss 00:00:08 -async 1 file-chopped.mp4 // cutting the video
ffmpeg -i file-chopped.mp4 -vn -acodec copy camera-audio.aac // extracting the audio
ffmpeg -i camera.mp4 -i slides.mp4 -filter_complex '[0:v]pad=iw*2:ih[int];[int][1:v]overlay=W/2:0[vid]' -map '[vid]' -c:v libx264 -crf 23 -preset veryfast session.mp4
ffmpeg -i session.mp4 -i camera-audio.aac -codec copy -shortest session-final.mp4


Process description HERE.

Past Indico usability experience HERE.

Past usability experience including use of the tobii eye-tracker HERE.

Dedicated e-groups:

  1. indico-usability-labs with members the volunteers mentioned below.
  2. indico-usability-labs-admins with members: Maria, Pedro Michal, Adrian, Thomas.



  1. e-learning-interest-group and indico-cern-announce e-groups informed. People who answered 'YES':
    1. Maria Dimou
    2. Michal Kolodziejski (dev.team)
    3. Andreas Wagner
    4. Kristina Gunne
    5. Natalie Kane
    6. Eric Grancher
    7. Lina Dannesboe (ATLAS Secr.)
    8. Kate Richardson (Wintergill) (ATLAS Secr.)
    9. Ghylaine (ALICE Secr.)
    10. Cindy Denis (LHCb Secr.)
    11. Milda Norkute
    12. Nathalie Knoors
    13. Simona Kriva
    14. Kathy Pommes
  2. Maria D. to record herself in the room 31-2-029 for the Indico dev. team to evaluate navigation + face. Alternative recording methods can be:
    1. QuickTime on Thomas Baron's Macbook or
    2. ActivePresenter on Maria's old Windows laptop or
    3. ffmpeg on Michal's Linux desktop.
  3. Invite people (Σ~15) to convenient time slots. Use the most efficient recording method. Observe and take notes.
  4. We shall use THIS scenario, which was used at the last iteration but enhanced, namely:
    1. book a room knowing its name
    2. book a room with specific equipment
    3. apply personal filtering, e.g. "I would like to try and book one of my favorite rooms with a capacity > 20"
    4. "I don't remember the name of the room but more or less know where it is located"
    5. try to find a room in the map and book it from there.
    6. handle booking conflicts
    7. periodic room booking (week, month etc)
  5. We plan to make one report per participant, with the corresponding video.
  6. Put all .mp4s on this indico event for the dev. team.
  7. Write down final conclusions/recommendations.