IT recording room testing

by Maria Dimou (CERN)

31/2-029 (CERN)



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This event contains Marzena Lapka's slides. The purpose of recordind this event is to test the equipment in the new  IT recording room 31-2-029. Specifically to test the device added by Loic Lavrut for keeping the signal and fix the issue we had with Slides when put on full screen.

Camera and slides' link https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/pEJomPF2KxdYMYB (NB! This is a temporary link, likely to disappear).

The test result is:

  1. issue with slides in fullscreen solved
  2. issue with camera position remains


Today this room for slides with voice over is perfect, especially if slides equipped with notes, thanks to the teleprompter screen.

Nevertheless, we bought the wonderful poster, so we need to be able to also show the speaker, appearing to look at the camera.

========= In touch with the expert ============

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: camera vs prompter issue in room 31-2-029 [Was: what to keep from the recording of event https://indico.cern.ch/event/714531/
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 16:39:24 +0200
From: Maria Dimou <maria.dimou@cern.ch>
Organization: CERN
To: Loic Lavrut <loic.lavrut@cern.ch>


Cher Loic,

pourrais-tu stp me dire quand tu pourrais resoudre la question des yeux dans la salle 31-2-029?

merci beaucoup!




On 30.04.2018 17:24, Maria Dimou wrote:

Cher Loic,

ton bon travail est presque fini. Regarde stp la vidéo ci-dessous.

Il faut clairement descendre l'écran du prompteur ou me consulter comment faire autrement.

Marzena (the speaker) ne donne pas du tout l'impression qu'elle regarde le public, c'est clair pour le "viewer" qu'elle lit son script sur l'écran (à droite dans la salle 31-2-029).

Mille mercis - tiens-moi au courant stp! Dispo pour faire des tests si besoin aie... J'en ai déjà fait un https://indico.cern.ch/event/724792/ j'attends l'enregistrement brouillon.