Nov 26 – 30, 2018
Europe/Vienna timezone

Scientific Program

  • [1] T, C, P, CP and CPT symmetries

    convener: Eberhard Widmann (email), Johann Marton (email)

  • [2] Emergence of symmetries from entanglement

    convener: Beatrix Hiesmayr (email), Antonio Di Domenico (email)

  • [3] Discrete symmetries in cosmology (dark matter, baryogenesis, leptogenesis, etc.)

    This track will be covered together with the 14th Vienna Central European Seminar (VCES) on particle physics and quantum field theory on "global and local symmetries". The common session will take place on Friday, 30th of November.

    convener: Anton Rebhan (email), Josef Pradler (email)

  • [4] Neutrino masses, mixing and discrete symmetries

    convener: Carlo Giunti (email), Martin Hirsch (email)

  • [5] Discrete symmetries and models of flavour mixing

    convener: Christoph Schwanda (email), Margarida N. Rebelo (email)

  • [6] Supersymmetry

    convener: Kazuki Sakurai (email)

  • [7] Strings, branes, extra dimensions and discrete symmetries

    convener: Alon Faraggi (email)

  • [8] New results from LHC, new facilities

    convener: Jeanette M. Lorenz (email), Niki Saoulidou (email)

  • [9] PT symmetric Hamiltonians

    convener: Carl M. Bender (email)

  • [10] Multimessenger probes of the universe

    convener: Alexandre Sakharov (email), Anna Pollmann (email)