Oct 22 – 24, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Dear colleagues,

The European Strategy Discussions will take place in 2019, and to inform this process, a call was made to the particle-physics community across universities, laboratories and national institutes to submit written input by 18 December 2018.

The aims of this meeting are as follows:

1. The first aim is to prepare a document expressing the views of the European community, in a context where there is no longer an accelerator neutrino beam in Europe and the community has invested in projects in China, Japan and the USA.

2. The document should take stock of the properties of the "present" LBL program
(T2K+SK+NOvA, JUNO, T2K upgrade, HyperK and DUNE) in physics terms, identifying and quantifying  who measures what and how well, and what is the complementarity in quantitative and qualitative terms and under which time scale.

3. It should also address the status and possible future of the short baseline neutrino experiments in search for ‘sterile neutrinos’ and ‘anomalies’.

4. Address possible contributions or support of CERN to this program and discuss the best possible investment based the above physics considerations. 

5. address the question of the future of the field
-- with neutrinos beams to complete the present LBL program
-- includes HP-TPC, nustorm, moment, P2O and R&D on supplementary detector methods
   -- searches for ‘sterile/Right-handed neutrinos’ with the existing or foreseen neutrino near detectors as well as with beam dump experiments such as SHIP
-- the role of LHC and future collider projects in the general neutrino research such as search for sterile/RH neutrinos.

5. We will send invitations to the theory community and to members of the following experiments and projects including:

-- T2K,T2KII, SuperK, HyperK, NovA, DUNE, CHIPS, ESSnu
-- searches for sterile/RH neutrinos (SBN/SHIP/Colliders)
-- ancillary experiments as NA61/SHINE etc..
-- Minerva  and experiments focusing on the physics of and with neutrino interactions
-- near detectors, HP-TPC, NUSTORM, MOMENT, ISODAR, etc...

With kind regards,

The Local Organizing committee
Alain Blondel, Albert De Roeck, Joachim Kopp, Marzio Nessi


Scientific secretaries:

- Jacobo Lopez Pavon (Mon. pm 1st part)
- Zahra Moghaddam (Mon. pm 2nd part)

- Francesca Stocker (Tues. am 1st part)
- Davide Sgalaberna (Tues. am 1st part)

- Stefania Bordoni (Tues. pm)

- Georgios Christodolou (Wed. am 1st part)
- Andrea Zani (Wed. am 2nd part)



NOTICE: The registration will take place on Monday 22nd at 11am until 12:30pm on site at the Main Building between Council Chamber and Main Auditorium. The meeting will then start at 1.30 at the Globe.

The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.