Oct 4 – 6, 2018
Europe/Berlin timezone

The 16th IPPOG meeting, 4 to 6 October at CERN


Please note that to enter inside CERN you now need an access card. If you do not have a CERN access card, please contact Maureen.Prola-Tessaur@cern.ch asap who will be able to register you as an IPPOG member within the CERN database and provide you an access card with one year validity.


There are important discussions to establish the input of IPPOG to the ongoing European Strategy update report on particle physics. The team stablished at the 15th IPPOG meeting in Pisa will lead an open discussion in a dedicated session on Friday afternoon. A wrap-up will be presented on Saturday before the CB meeting.


  1. Is beauty leading physics astray? Continue discussions from last IPPOG meetings about Physics & Beauty by analyzing the aspect of fine-tuning the models in order to describe the nature/real observations. (Convener: Ivan Melo)
  2. Outreach applications of PP for society. There are many initiatives from diverse backgrounds that can showcase the  impact of science in society. Grosso modo, we could argue that these initiatives are either for medical applications or non-medical applications. We suggest to share this working group into two sub-groups for a wider discussion on the topic. (Convener medical applications: Manuela Cirilli / Convener non-medical applications: Barbora Gulejova)


  1. Bringing Masterclasses to New Countries (Conveners: Ken Cecire and Uta Bilow)
  2. Explaining Particle Physics Hot Topics to a Lay Audience (Convener: Dezso Horvath)
  3. Exhibits (Convener: Emma Sanders)


60/6-015 - Room Georges Charpak (Room F)
The conference room 60-6-015
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