Aug 27 – 31, 2018
Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
US/Eastern timezone

The primary purpose of this workshop is for the MATHUSLA collaboration to get feedback from the external reviewers on the LOI and the updated document, which will be made available to them on Aug 15. The ultimate aim is to incorporate that feedback into the document and prepare an updated proposal-like MATHUSLA document by the end of the workshop.


As such, discussion amongst all workshop attendees and the reviewers in particular has high priority, and the below agenda has to be seen as flexible to accommodate any such fruitful discussion that occurs.


Most of the talks are on Monday, with ample time for discussion planned into the schedule. Tuesday and Wednesday are mostly reserved for discussions with the referees.


Discussion Format:

  • Very informal, with the aim of understanding what areas of the MATHUSLA LOI/proposal can be improved, what is missing, what is most urgent, etc etc.

  • The “canvas” for the discussion will be a google document that will be edited/amended in real-time on the conference room projector, so we can keep track of the important issues that are being raised. All workshop participants will have access to that document.

  • The workshop organizers may guide that discussion and prepare some points in the document to get us started, but that is only meant to be suggestive.

  • We foresee the need for smaller groups to split off and/or discuss specific topics with reviewers as needed.

These discussions can continue on Thursday/Friday, but depending on reviewer availability, at that point the workshop will transition to actually incorporating the outcome of the discussions and the reviewer feedback into the updated MATHUSLA proposal document.


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