MICE Analysis Workshop - Brunel

139 (Howell Building)


Howell Building

Brunel University

The analysis workshop will be at Brunel University.

Please register using the link in the menu to the left. If you require a hotel, they may be booked at a discount through Paul Kyberd (and will be charged direct to MICE). Please email Paul by Wednesday 22nd August if you need a hotel.

The usual phone line will be available.

The meeting room is Room 139 in the Howell building. Please see here for maps and directions


  • Alan Young
  • Chris Rogers
  • Christopher Hunt
  • Craig Brown
  • Gavriil Chatzitheodoridis
  • John Nugent
  • Kenneth Richard Long
  • Paul Bogdan Jurj
  • Paul Kyberd
  • Tom Lord
    • 1
      Speaker: Chris Rogers (STFC)
    • 2
      System Performance Paper
      Speakers: Paolo Franchini (University of Warwick - MICE), Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield)
    • 3
      Tracker Performance
      Speakers: Christopher Hunt (Imperial College), Melissa Uchida (Imperial College London), Paul Kyberd (Departm.of Physics(QMW-Coll.))
    • 4
      Optics evolution in the cooling channel
      Speaker: Mr Paul Jurj
    • 5
      Field-off Scattering (LiH)
      Speaker: John Nugent (University of Glasgow)
    • 6
    • 12:30 PM
    • 7
      Field-off Scattering (lH2)
      Speaker: Mr Gavriil Chatzitheodoridis
    • 8
      Field-on scattering
      Speakers: Dr Alan Young (University of Strathclyde), Durga Rajaram (IIT, Chicago), Viktor Pec (University of Sheffield)
    • 9
      Energy Loss and Absorbers
      Speakers: Ajit Kurup, Mr Craig Brown (Brunel), Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield)
    • 10
      4D Emittance Evolution
      Speaker: Chris Rogers (STFC)
    • 11
    • 3:30 PM
    • 12
      Emittance Measurement
      Speaker: Victoria Blackmore (Imperial College London)
    • 13
      Discussion and Closeout